If you aren't on my newsletter list (and really why aren't you!? sign up for it here!), you might not have seen the Success Series. The Success Series is five self-paced exercises that will guide you through the steps to:

Define Your Success walks you through the steps to ensure you reach your goal. It is the prerequisite for the rest of the exercises and will have you envisioning your success in no time!

Dreams, Intentions and Goals not only teaches the differences between each of these terms but will open up your mind to the possibilities that exist for you and your creative business.

Identifying Your Creative Business Strengths & Weaknesses is truly an eye-opener for us creative folks. Sometimes we don't even know what our true strengths are until we really think about them. 

Your 3 Words for Success is a short exercise to identify the three words that will guide you and your business through the next year. You'll thoughtfully choose one main word and two other words that go with it.

Create a 12 Month Success Plan brings all of the previous exercises together to help you map out a 12 month plan for success.

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02/09/2017 2:32am

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02/14/2017 6:19am

I must say that success for me is when you are able to make your loved ones happy and contented. The success is when you are able to make them proud of you. Success I think is not always about the financial things. It is always about the love that we show to the people around us, especially the ones that we owe. Thank you so much for this! I have learned a lot from this!

02/10/2017 11:50am

Success is not something that you can just get, it is something for which you have to do a lot of hardwork.


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