My story. Or how Pink Spark Creative was ignited.

Pink Spark Creative exists for one reason and has only one purpose. The reason Pink Spark Creative exists is because I want other creatives, artists, makers and photographers to achieve success without having to learn everything the hard way, alone. Pink Spark Creative has only one purpose which is to give you exactly what you need to achieve success.

It all started with a Caribbean cruise.

For the sake of boring you with the details, I will give you the short version of this part of the story. I went on a cruise to the Caribbean and met a guy who convinced me to move from Cape Cod, MA to Knoxville, TN. It didn't work out with him, but I decided that I loved Knoxville and wanted to stay. I had a great job which led to another great job, and a new friend who introduced me to this other guy, who is now my husband. Allan, the guy who is now my husband, owned a boat dealership when I met him and through some unfortunate circumstances he had to close it down a couple of years later. 

What's this newfangled technology?

Before Allan closed down his boat dealership he purchased a digital camera to photograph the boats for the website. This was one of the first digital cameras and it took the 3.5 inch floppy disks. A lot of them! Using this camera reacquainted Allan with his high school love of photography and led to the purchase of a better Canon digital camera. Mind you, the prices were still ridiculous for these cameras, but if there is one thing you need to know about Allan it is that he loves having all the gadgets, or toys as some may think. He didn't have the vanity plate 'TOYMSTR' for no reason!

From boats to brides and flowers to babies...

Once Allan started getting used to the whole concept of digital photography and editing outside of a darkroom and inside Photoshop (and later Photoshop Lightroom), we decided to start photographing everything. And I mean everything. Birds. Flowers. Brides. Babies. Random nonsense. You name it, we photographed it. And that is what led us to start a part-time photography business. ALM Photo was started about 15 years ago with little more than a dream and a multi-thousand dollar investment in equipment. We photographed mostly action sports and weddings of friends in the beginning, and I learned by doing. We attended a lot of workshops and honed our skills while holding down full-time jobs, until one day I decided I couldn't take it any longer in the corporate world. I hungered for creativity in my daily life.

Failure leads to success.

I quit my 'real' job and Allan and I became self-employed. I always say it was the best thing I ever did AND the worst. It was the worst because we didn't have a plan in place before I leaped. I really would have preferred to have had a plan. Plans ensure you have envisioned what your success looks like. I will say though, that it is true that failure will lead to success. And doing nothing will lead to, well, nothing. I attempted to launch a business that I thought would fill an underserved niche, but someone said it was foolish. At the time, I didn't realize what I was trying to do was be a virtual assistant, which is now a really awesome niche serving entrepreneurs and small businesses. I have great talents at running businesses for other people, so I thought I could do that for people all over the world with the help of the Interwebz. The experience of starting up that business showed me I was an true entrepreneur at heart. And there was the success in my failure!

How do I earn a living now?

I'm a creative entrepreneur with three businesses. It's like juggling, except I don't even know how to juggle. Some days I am a photographer, other days I am a fused glass artist and instructor and growing this business, Pink Spark Creative, by helping other creative folks learn how to grow their businesses. It's challenging and rewarding and I love the full, long days, the crazy opportunities I have been afforded, the amazing people I've met and the sheer joy of being my own boss. Being a creative/small business coach is what I feel I was meant to do with my life and it never would have happened it I hadn't gone on that Caribbean cruise.

What was your spark?

I would love to work with you if you're ready to grow or start your own creative or small business. With over 30 years of working in small, creative and niche businesses my brain is full of useful information (and maybe some useless information too!) and I am very familiar with the obstacles you're facing each day. Learn from my failures and successes! Let's work together to spark your business! 

For a limited time I am offering FREE 30-minute strategy calls to work through your number one burning issue and give you an action plan to give your creative business an instant spark! This is a great opportunity for us to chat and see if we'd be a fabulous fit to work together. Schedule your strategy call today! I can't wait to ignite your spark!

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